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// Jeans//

Next stop:  Jeans

There are still a few manufacturers of mens jeans in Australia, most notably RM Williams, but these can be a little pricey.

I’ve just read about Dejour Jeans on Broadsheet ( and I think I’ll make an effort to go check them out.  They don’t seem to have a website so a trip to Brunswick is on the cards.

Reg Grundys

So the first test of my resolve to buy local is underwear.  I’ve been wearing American Apparel undies for a couple of years now because:

A - They look good

B - They are relatively cheap (<$20/pair)

C - They are comfortable

However, as the name suggests, they are not made in Australia (also, they don’t last that well - usually have to be replaced after about a year)

So, after some lounge chair research I decided to give AussieBums a go.  They are made in Australia (according to their website) and I’m told they wear really well.

To be honest they look a bit ostentatious for me but I’ll give them a go.

I have just ordered two pairs as a test:

One pair of Billy (in red) and one pair of Titanium briefs (in navy).  The order came in at just under $50 with free standard delivery.

// What this all about then?//

First things first - who are you and what is this all about?

I’m Dave, a fairly average Australian guy who lives in country Victoria and works in Melbourne (this will be important later).  I’m hovering around middle age and I give a shit about where the things that I consume come from.  

Just in case you get the idea this is about some sort of nationalistic Aussie pride thing - it’s not.  

I just think that making basic consumables in exploitative conditions in the third world and carting them halfway around the planet to be sold at bargain prices is not a good thing.  Its bad for the people who make them, its bad for the environment and its bad for the economy.

So …. I’m setting out this year to only buy clothes made within Australia (preferably with Australian produced inputs but thats harder to track).  I’ll discuss the issues and outcomes on this blog (more for my own record than anything else).

Locally made is better for the environment and for you